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In a State of Flux

Dear friends,
For a little while now, we’ve been in an indefinitely-perpetual state of flux. As a result, our website was down for a bit, buuut IT’S BACK UP!

We are in fact inching toward some new things, and want to thank you all for your patience. There has been some writing and demoing going on, some searching for a new friend since my brother’s departure (he’s settled and doing great in Cincinnati, by the way!), and there is a lot of reevaluating necessary to keep this ship afloat. This may take some time, but progress is being made.

We love you all, and you will be hearing from us before too long.


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Join our team!

If you haven’t heard, Forging Reverie will soon be short a member, and looking for someone new to join our team! Please help us find a new member!

!! We’re open to discovering new combinations of instrumentation/creativity…
…but the IDEAL candidate is a guitarist who:

- likes to collaborate
- likes to dance between riff-driven, atmospheric effects-driven, and occasionally organic lead playing styles (whatever’s called for)
- can “pretend” to play keyboard (seriously don’t need heavy skill; just good compositional sense)
- occasional sampling and sound manipulation
- comfortable adding supporting vocals

If you or a friend have ANY of these qualities, please get in touch, and especially if you play a cool instrument not mentioned here; we want to know who’s out there.

Email us: forgingreverie[at]gmail[dot]com
Private Message our page:

Our music is extremely dynamic. We’re working on new music which is reintroducing more of our atmospheric side, which our last album had less of.
Our latest album lives here:
We have very rough recordings of new material we’d love to share if you contact us.

We also have a final (FREE) show with our current lineup, this Friday at The Shaskeen in Manchester, NH, at which we’ll be debuting a bunch of new music, so it’s the perfect opportunity to hear it. Details:


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Tour Dates & Changes: A Farewell, Potential Auditions, New Space Needed

You may have already seen mention of a major change that’s soon to take place in our band, and it’s about time we reveal just what this is all about, so here it is:

This autumn, my brother Justin is getting married, and immediately moving to Cincinnati! This is the start of something truly awesome for him and his lovely fiancé, but of course it’s very bitter-sweet for Forging Reverie, as we are once again forced to part with an important member of our tribe. Justin has been our recording engineer and co-producer from the start. He joined us as a performing member in 2010, adding second guitar, keyboards, samples and supporting vocals, and over the past few years he has become absolutely integral, especially as we’ve begun to compose new material.

In the meantime, we are rapidly demoing a lot of what we’ve been working on, with the prospect of producing a record of some kind with Justin before the opportunity is gone; it’s hard to say what will come of this, and how soon we’ll be able to share a finished product with you all, but it is our first priority as of now.

That said, we do have other priorities…

- We may of course be seeking someone to take over Justin’s ambiguous role in our band. This person could play exactly the instruments Justin did, or something a bit different. Change can be good, and we are open to exploring where the influence of someone new might take our music!

- Coincidentally, we will also be in need of a new rehearsal space extremely soon. This is completely unrelated to Justin’s situation, but it’s absolutely crucial. Please contact us with any leads for rehearsal spaces.

- Finally, we are putting some energy into a couple shows, which are pretty special, because they will be your last chance to see this band perform, at least with Justin.
You’ll notice the first show is tomorrow night; so sorry for the late notice, but hopefully many of you got the memo sooner, across our various social media.

Upcoming Shows:

May 18, 2013 Dover, NH () @ Dover Brick House – Forging Reverie, Fantastic Liars, Vessel, & JoshandI @ The Dover Brickhouse
Jun 14, 2013 Manchester, NH () @ The Shaskeen

You can always view a full current list of tour dates on our Tour page.

Fittingly, Justin did our latest mini-video tour update. Come help make his final shows with us AMAZING.

If you have any questions, contact us here, around the web, or even email us at forgingreverie[at]gmail[dot]com.
As always, thank you all for the ongoing support, and for enjoying this journey with us.


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Motion Canvas recorded at NASA (review)

Behold! A review of Motion Canvas from Mr. Benjamin King, professional college hoodlum, and audiophilic nostalgiatron extraordinaire, wherein we(I) learn that:

- I am long overdue for a Head Automatica / Jonah Matranga / Jimmy Eat World mega-kick.
- Derek is super normal in juxtaposition with my eccentricity.
- Cavemen are terrible at running sound. (Hey, I thought John was alright!)
- I’m no longer Brandon Boyd 2.0, but I still probably relieve myself to Morning View. (Truthfully, it’s been a while.)
- Motion Canvas was recorded at NASA.
- Ben King knows how to ramble without sacrificing entertainment.
- Our record is “pretty damn good” and you should hear why.

Read the review here:

Thanks, Ben. Words like these fuel the music machine.


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Forging Reverie on 100.1 The Planet’s “Local Outbreak”

Last Monday the 19th, Sean, Tyler and myself headed up to 100.1 The Planet to join our friend Annie on the morning show/Local Outbreak to talk about Motion Canvas release and just the general what’s what with FR.

If you weren’t able to tune in to the live broadcast, that’s okay! We’ll be heading back up there sooner than later, I’m sure (hopefully with more than 3/5 of the band!) In the meantime you can check out our interview and a handful of tracks from the album here: (UPDATE: The interview has been removed from SoundCloud, but you can still listen to it using the player below.)


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